EUBER Series Averaging Pitot Tube

Principle & Working

  • Eureka make EUBAR is based on principle of Pitot Tube.
  • The basic principle is to locate upstream total pressure ports along a strut that spans the pipe. These total pressure measuring points are positioned at the defining area averaging locations.
  • The measuring static ports are positioned downstream at a location selected by manufacturer to give optimum performance.
  • The averaged total pressure and the flowing low pressure are transmitted to the D.P. transmitter.

Styles Available


  • Available for Pipe size: 3”NB to 16”NB (Higher sizes on request)
  • Material of Construction: 304 SS, 316 SS, M.S., Hastealloy-C Other material on request

Mounting Style Available

  • Screwed, Compression Fitting, Flanges or with Spool Piece


  • ±1%


  • Liquid and gases
  • Low pressure liquids
  • Water through big pipes
  • Measurement of gases flowing through ducts
  • Blower flow measurement

Data Required

  • Name of the medium
  • Operating pressure & temperature
  • Density & Viscosity at operating condition
  • Internal diameter of the pipe
  • Flow