Flow Systems

Bubbler System

Working Principle

The pressure at the inlet is regulated using pressure regulator. The regulated pressure is indicated on the pressure gauge. The desired flowrate can be set using built in needle valve of flowmeter. (Rotameter or Purge Meter.) The function of the Differential Pressure Regulator is to maintain the Gas / Liquid flow irrespective of variation in downstream pressure.


To supply continuous gas flow rate for level measurement or for any purging / flushing (Gas / Liquid) application irrespective of change in downstream pressure.

Scope of Supply

A) Gas Purging
Panel Body including Flowmeter, Diff. Press. Regulator, Pressure Gauge, Needle Valves & Gas Filter Regulator

B) Liquid Purging
Panel body including Flowmeter, Diff. Press. Regulator, Pressure Gauge, Needle Valves and Liquid Pressure Regulator (optional)


The general arrangement is as shown in DRG. It consists of a wall mounting panel, fitted with Gas Filter Regulator or Liquid Pressure Regulator with pressure gauge, flowmeter with Differential Pressure Regulator. Actual construction may vary depending upon customer's specifications.


Gas / Liquid : Compatible With 316 SS
Gas / Liquid Temp. : 50°C Max.
Pressure Regulator Range : 0 - 7 Bar (G)
Pressure Gauge Range : Depending upon pressure to be regulated
Flow Range Pressure Drop Across : 600 NLPH for Gas & Upto 40 LPH for Liquid
D. P. Regulator : 0.4 Bar for Gas & 1 Bar for Liquid


Pressure reducing valve, flow switches, non return valve, special valves & Differential Pressure Transmitter.