Sight Flow Indicator

Full View Type

Full View Sight Flow Indicators are assembled with tubular Borosilicate glass. These indicators are simple in construction and used for checking flow from any direction where various values or pump might have to be operated based on the flow in the line. These are recommended where there is no mechanical strain in the pipe line. Inside diameter of the glass tube is as large as or larger than the nominal size of the flow indicators. It is designed for only a negligible pressure drop.

Flapper Type

Flapper Type Sight Flow Indicators are recommended for horizontal and vertical pipeline with upward flow. These units are best suited transparent or slightly opaque solutions and are used for gases also. Position of the flapper indicates flow. One important use of these flow indicators is, in pipe lines where a downstream value may remain closed and even through the flow indicator remains full, there may not be any flow. In such cases, the flapper position alone can indicate where there is flow or not.

Drip Type

Drip Type Sight Flow Indicators are best adapted to vertical downward flow. These models are particularly useful in distillation and similar apparatus where flow is apt to be intermittent. They are designed without any obstruction to handle the intermittent flow as.

Rotary Type

Rotary Type Sight Flow Indicators are with rotating wheel are suitable for installation in any position, but are particularly adapted to pipe lines carrying dark opaque solutions, where the motion of the wheel is easily detected. This model is equally adapted to transparent solutions and gases. It is frequently installed where observations must be made from a distance.

Standard Material Specifications

Body : ASTM A216 GR WCB, ASTM A 351 GR Cf8, ASTM A 351 CF8M, Brass, Cast Iron, Gun Metal
Covers : ASTM A216 WCB, ASTM A 351 GR CF8, ASTM A 351 CF8M, Brass, Cast Iron, Gun Metal
Flanges : ASTM A216 GR WCB, ASTM A 351 GR CF8,ASTM A 351 CF8M, Brass, Cast Iron, Gun Metal
Glass : Toughened
Gasket : Compressed Asbestos, Neoprene, Nitrile, Teflon, Viton
Rotor : Nylon, Teflon, Polyropelene
Rotor Holder : SS 316
Flapper : SS 316
Bolts : High Tensile, Mild Steel, SS 304, SS 316
Connections : Screwed: NPT, B.S.P., Flanged: B.S.10, Table 'E', 'D', 'F', ASA 150#, DIN., etc.

Ball Type

Ball type flow indicator is ideal for use in either air or fluid flow applications. The absence of wear components assures high reliability in installations unsuitable for indicators using bearings with a rotating wheel or turbine. The indicator is easily seen from elevated positions. The domed sight glass allows full 360° visibility from above. The ball is easily seen from even large.