Mass Flow Meters and Controllers


Mass Flow Meters and Controllers for gas applications with an electronic housing suitable for laboratory conditions. EL-FLOW" series instruments are truly unique in their capability to control flow ranges between 0...1 mln/min and 0...1250 ln/min with pressure rating ranging between vacuum and 400 bar - all in one range of instruments. This versatility in flow ranges and in operating conditions has ensured that the EL-FLOW® series remains our most popular and field proven of instruments. These have a fast response and a high accuracy: ± 0,5% of reading + ± 0,1% of F.S., analog and digital [fieldbus] communication.


IN-FLOW series Mass Flow Meters / Controllers for gas applications (Flow ranges between 0...15 mln/min and 0...11000 nm3/hr Air) have a rugged design and suitability for industrial environments. The electronics housing is rated to IP65 and is suitable for use in Zone 2. (ATEX approved). These also have analog and digital.


CORI-FLOW® utilizes a patented, advanced Coriolis type mass flow sensor to achieve unsurpassed performance, even with changing operation conditions in pressure, temperature, density, conductivity and viscosity. CORI-FLOW® is offered with or without an integral control valve but with both analog and digital communications. Flow ranges available between 0...200 g/hr and 0...600 kg/hr. These have a fast response time, high accuracy (up to ±0,1% FS plus 0,2% of reading), IP65 housing with optional ATEX Zone 2 approval.


Mass Flow Meters and Controllers for liquids flow ranges between 0...30 mg/h and 0...20 kg/h (Water equivalent). LIQUI-FLOW® has a fast and accurate measuring signal, analog (models L1/L2) and digital (models L10/L20/L30) versions available. These are insensitive to mounting position.


EX-FLOW series Mass Flow Meters / Controllers are recommended for gas applications [flow ranges between 0...7.5 mln/min, and 0...11.000 nm3/hr Air] requiring rugged design and suitability for hazardous areas. The electronics housing is rated to IP65 and approved according to ATEX with the classification II 2 G EEx ib IIC T4.


MASS-VIEW ® Series Thermal Mass Flowmeters/Regulators operate on the principle of Direct Thermal Mass Flow Measurement. They have high Accuracy ( ± 1% FS ± 1% RD ), high Rangeability ( up to 1 : 100 ), OLED digital bar graph Flowrate & Total Flow display, low power consumption. These can be supplied in full scale ranges from 0.2 - 200 ln/min and handles pressures up to 10 bar(g). MASS-VIEW ® Flowmeters have various alarms and counter functions, analog output signals, a digital interface & two relay contacts. Flow control can be achieved by an optional built in high quality needle valve.


Manger + Wittman (subsidiary of Bronkhorst High - Tech) make Mass Stream Flowmeters & Controllers for gases have a unique, all AISI SS 316 sensors with low pressure drop and fast.


KATRONIC make portable and field mounted Ultrasonic Flowmeters for liquids have easy to clamp on sensors with no process interruption, no pressure loss, fast and accurate, with diameters from 10 mm to 6.5 m. Can be used up to 4 independent flow channels.


Suitable specially for oil flow monitoring

  • Viscosity compensated flow measurement.
  • Suitable for oils having viscosity bet 30-600 cst
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 120 Deg C
  • Max. Operating Pressure:300 bar
  • Max. Flow range: 110 lpm


Central lubrication
Circular lubrication

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