Variable Area Flowmeters

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Bye Pass Rotameter

  • Bye pass rotameters are used for measurement of higher flow rates where using inline flow meter is not commercially or functionally not viable.
  • It works on the principle of measuring differential pressure created across restriction.
  • The construction includes an orifice plate installed between either carrier ring or orifice/pipe flanges.
  • The Hi/Low pressure taps of carrier ring/orifice flange/ pipe are connected to indicating Rotameter with a help of impulse tube arrangement. The Indicating Rotameter can be of Glass or Metal tube Type.
  • Eureka make Bye pass Rotameters can be used for liquids or Gases and is available from 2” to 40” sizes.
  • Applications: Water/Pharma/Chemical/Fertilizers/Power/Petrochem/Refinery

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