Variable Area Flowmeters

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Glass Tube Rotameter

Glass tube Rotameters are variable area flowmeters for measuring volumetric flow rates of liquids and Gases. The construction includes a tapered glass tube with a float moving inside it. The float position inside the tube is result of balancing of buoyancy and gravitational force. As glass is tapered from inside, gap is created between inside wall of tapered tube and the outer diameter of float and fluid flow passes through it. The external housing includes a frame, cover and end connections. Eureka make Glass tube Rotameters are available in variety of options such as

  • Applications: Water/Pharma/Chemical/Fertilizers/Power/Petrochem/Refinery

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    PG series Glass tube Rotameters

  • Typically used for medium to high flow rates of liquids and Gases.
  • Available from ½” t 4” size and flow rates from 16 to 40,000 lph (indicative water flow rate)
  • Features: Borosilicate Glass tube
  • End connection: Flanged or screwed
  • Accuracy: +/-2% FS
  • Wetted parts: CS/MS/SS/PTFE lined/Rubber lined
  • Accessories: Flow switch for control

  • MG series Low flow Rotameter

  • Used for measurement of small flow rates, popularly in purging applications
  • Available in ¼” size from flow rates of 1 lph to 100 lph (typical water flow rate)
  • Accuracy: +/-3% FS
  • Wetted parts: SS 316
  • Built in Needle valve for flow control
  • Accessories: Flow switch/ DP Regulator

  • PC series Rotameter

  • Used for measurement of clean, non- aggressive liquids.
  • Popular in water industry due to its all plastic and lightweight construction.
  • Polycarbonate or poly sulfone Tubes
  • Plastic end connections in threaded or flanged type
  • Flow rates from 100 to 12000 lph (typical water flow)
  • Ideal for water flow measurement
  • Standardized water flow ranges
  • Immediate Delivery